Storage Tips

Self Storage Tips

Storing your belongings is a convenient option when running out of space or when going through a move. Find helpful tips below for storing, packing, and organizing to get the most out of your experience.

Find a Facility

Finding the right storage facility comes down to many factors that you should consider – convenient location, secure, quality and clean, great customer service, and reasonable prices.

The Reason for Storing

The type of access and unit you’ll need will depend on your reason for storing, what you plan to store, and how often you will need to visit the facility. Exterior units allow for drive up access that makes loading and unloading easy. Indoor units provide comfort during all climates, allowing you to store temperature-sensitive items.

Select Your Size

It’s important to rent a unit that meets all of your storage needs. Eagle Storage offers sizes ranging from 5×5 to 10×40, providing you with many options to choose from. Our on-site manager can show you available units, narrowing down the size you need.

Packing & Organization Tips

Below are some tips for you to take into consideration when packing and organizing your belongings. Never store live animals, perishables, flammable liquids, explosives, fuels, or toxic materials in storage. Should you have items that are temperature-sensitive, be sure to rent a climate controlled space.

Invest in Plastic Containers

We would recommend purchasing plastic containers to store your belongings, as this will help control moisture, unlike cardboard boxes. Should you choose to store your belongings in cardboard boxes, fill to capacity to prevent tipping or collapsing.

Label Your Boxes

By labeling your boxes, this will help you when knowing where things go when unpacking. You can also label your fragile boxes so movers know the items are fragile to handle with care.

Handle With Care

Label your containers that have breakables in them as “Fragile.” This will notify movers to handle those items with care. Organize your fragile items in boxes with packing such as bubble wrap or newspaper. Transport your fragile items where nothing will fall over on them.

Organize Your Unit

Make use of all the space you have. Pack your larger items such as furniture towards the back of the unit, and work your way to the front with smaller items that are easy to pick up and move. Store your fragile items and light boxes/containers up on furniture. Always leave a walkway in your unit to be able to access anything at any time.

Clean Your Belongings

To keep your belongings in great condition while in storage, store your items clean. Clothes, Furniture, Appliances, Wood, and Leather should be thoroughly cleaned before placing in storage. Metal tools should be cleaned and wiped down with oil to prevent rust.

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